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How to shop

Dear customers,

Let's take a look together at how to shop in our eshop celiakarna.cz.

In our shop you can simply choose the goods you are interested in, you can study the information about the product composition and other additional information. When you are ready to purchase the goods, you can place the selected goods in the shopping cart.

Of course, you can continue to shop and you can return to the basket at will, delete items, etc. Once you are done, please check the contents of your cart and choose your payment and shipping method and finally, please pay.

 Payment options

You can pay via the integrated payment system SHOPTET PAY. This is a secure payment provided directly by the supplier of the Shoptet eshop solution.

You have the following options:

  • Pay by card
  • pay via Google Pay or Apple Pay (the system will know if you are using an Apple device, if you do not have an Apple device you will not see this option
  • or by bank transfer, please note that your order will only be shipped after the money has been credited to our account

 Shipping options

Choose your shipping method. You can either choose GLS or Zasilkovna. We will also be happy to send the goods to Slovakia, Poland, Germany or elsewhere. You can choose where to deliver to in Zásilkovna, GLS of course offers this option as well.

If anything is unclear or if it is an exotic destination, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@celiakarna.cz. We will check the price and options and you can decide if the method and price suits you.

 Free shipping

If you buy more than 2.000 CZK, you have FREE shipping across the country. In the case of Slovakia, this is for a payment of more than 3.000,- CZK. 

When will you receive the goods?

If we have the goods in stock and it is not, for example, a weekend or Friday and you order and pay by 11.00 a.m., expect the goods within 48 hours (across the Czech Republic). In case this is not the case, you will be informed in time.

Where is our warehouse?

Matricaria Chamomilla s.r.o. uses the premises of Servant a.s. in Humpolec.

Where to send the goods in case of a complaint?

Please send the goods to Servant a.s., Lnářská 1636, 396 01 Humpolec. The contact person is Mrs. Petra Balounová. More information about the complaint, including forms, can be found here.

Please take pictures of the goods and describe the reason for the complaint, please send this to our email: info@celiakarna.cz. Contact us anytime via chat or email: info@celiakarna.cz

Recommendations and feedback:

If something goes wrong, or if you would like to recommend something, point out a mistake or even praise us:-), please contact us at info@celiakarna.cz

We will examine the whole matter carefully and of course we would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback! Thank you.


If you are a manufacturer of gluten-free foods in organic quality or organic cosmetics and would like to cooperate with us, please email us at info@celiakarna.cz

We are looking forward to your offer!

Who will help you?

And if you don't know which way to go, if something is unclear or if you just want to ask a question, email us at info@celiakarna.cz or use the chat, which is available 24/7. And no worries, we speak English! 


We really appreciate that you prefer real gluten-free foods in BIO and Demeter quality and don't care what your food or cosmetics contain or how they were made.

We are happy that sustainability is important to you and that you want to support those entrepreneurs who do their craft well, with respect for the environment, not using genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that, although they make production cheaper, can be harmful to the human body in the long run, cause various allergies, etc.

And since we are a gluten-free eshop - we probably know about one allergy that can be related to industrially (ultra) processed foods and various genetically modified, for example, cereals...

By the way. There are a number of studies on the harmfulness of (obviously not all) industrially processed foods leading to obesity, allergies or even premature deaths. You can read a very conservative study from Harvard here that explains the industrial processing thing well. For even flour that is milled in a mill is industrially processed.

For each product, please study the ingredients and, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, choose a different product.

Organic certification may have different parameters for assessment depending on the country of origin.